13th conference of ADERSE Association for the Development of Education and Research on Corporate Social Responsibility

Evènement | June 13, 2016

Call for Submissions. Association for the Development of Education and Research on Corporate Social Responsibility congress organized in partnership with ISEOR and iaelyon.


ADERSE is getting international. Its 2016 annual meeting will take place in Lyon with simultaneous translation: French, English, and Spanish. Many foreign colleagues have already confirmed their attendance.

ADERSE annual meeting will be held on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th, June 2016, just after the June 9-10 conference organized by ISEOR and the Organization Development & Change and Management Consulting Divisions of the Academy of Management.

Six permanent thematic tracks, chaired by a member of the ADERSE association, have been defined in 2015 both in terms of research and teaching:

1- Social Responsibility of Universities - Blandine Rolland, Associate professor, qualified to supervise doctoral research, Université Jean Moulin
2- Tetranormalization - Henri Savall, Emeritus Professor, iaelyon - Université Jean Moulin
3- Responsible commitment of companies, organizations and risk taking - Bernard Guillon, Associate professor, qualified to supervise doctoral research, Université of Pau and Pays de l'Adour
4- Overall performance - Odile Uzan, Associate professor, qualified to supervise doctoral research, Université Paris Descartes
5- Capitalism and Humanism - Zahir Yanat, professor, qualified to supervise doctoral research, BEM
6- Expanded Accounting - Pierre Baret, professor, ESC La Rochelle.

Nevertheless, the 2016 conference will be specifically dedicated to the corporate social responsibility of organizations, and particularly to higher education institutions. Papers may address the following issues:

Corporate social responsibility of organizations
- Is CSR a really separate field?
- Is social responsibility immanent for non-profit organizations?
- The CSR of the State and territorial administrations; the CSR and the “exemplarity” of State
- Are CSR practices similar in public companies and in private companies? Is there porosity or fragmentation of CSR practices? What about the CSR in public-private partnerships?
- Introduction of CSR and of sustainable development in public procurement
- CSR applied to healthcare and social service organizations: a specific challenge?
- Does a non-profit organization carry a priori a social responsibility?

The social responsibility of higher education institutions
- The example of an emerging CSR: Social Responsibility of Higher Education Institutions
- Social responsibility of higher education institutions: definitions, content, theories
- Statement of achievements: Green map of the CPU-CGE (Conférence des Présidents d'Université and Conférence des Grandes Écoles); labeling; PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education)
- Social Responsibility of the University versus Sustainable Development of university campuses versus exemplarity
- Governance of universities, colleges and business schools
- Higher education funding: who owns the Universities and business schools?
- Social responsibility of higher education institutions and real autonomy of universities (strategic, legal, educational, financial autonomy)
- How are the different stakeholders being taken into account and involved by the higher education institutions?
- Have certifications and labels of non-profit organizations, - governments, local authorities, higher education institutions etc. - really helped develop their social responsibility?
- What is the real impact of specific certifications for higher education institutions on socially responsible practices (certifications such as EFMD EQUIS, QUALICERT, GLOBAL COMPACT IMPACT BSIS, PRME, AACSB ...)?

The Social Responsibility of Teachers and Researchers
- Ethics and purposes of teaching and research
- Do the teachers and researchers play a specific role in corporate social responsibility? How does it reflect in their practices and teaching?
- The teaching of CSR: analysis of the current situation; methodologies; a social responsibility of teachers? Does CSR influence the teaching of different subjects (specific courses, chairs, special structures in the fields of management and law for example)?
- Epistemology of CSR education
- Research on CSR: What practices and what methodologies? Interest and difficulties of multiple and cross-disciplinary approaches.

Foreign researchers and teachers contributions and papers from the different humanities and social sciences disciplines (Law, Economics, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology ...) are expected to enrich the insights and debates on a cross-cutting theme in our community which has many social challenges.

The aim of this conference will be to discuss with straight and plain talk the strategies and social responsibility practices in non-profit organizations. Case studies and testimonials are welcome. The conference will also feature a doctoral workshop to accompany doctoral PhD students preparing their thesis related directly or indirectly to the theme of social responsibility.

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