2015: Start of the new academic year: Ten new Faculty joined IAE Lyon

Evènement | September 24, 2015

In a process of continuous development the IAE Lyon School of Management recruited at the beginning of the 2015 academic year ten new Faculty with the aim to strengthen the existing expertise well as bring new skills into the academic teams.

There are currently 150 academically highly-qualified permanent Faculty at the iaelyon. Academic teams cover a wide range of expertise thereby answering the need for skill transfer in Education and Research.

Over 15% of the Professors and Adjunct Associate Professors come from the socio-economic world. Their recruitment is based on their expertise as practitioners in direct correlation with the courses they teach and projects they develop. Finally the multicultural skills and ability to teach in English of the iaelyon academic teams are strategic in the light of the current development of international partnerships and English-taught programs. Along with the 150 permanent Faculty,70 international professors and over 400 practitioners
teach each year.

IAE Lyon 10 new permanent Faculty:

Michel Kalika, Full Professor, Strategy & Information Systems 
Michel Kalika is the founder of the Business Science Institute, a non-profit organization that offers an Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) designed for international managers. He also developed the BSIS methodology (Business School Impact Survey), an impact assessment of Business Schools. He is an expert for the FNEGE and EFMD as well as the Chairman of the Scientific Council of the ICD. Author or co-author of over 25 books (including the most republished French book about strategy) and numerous articles and pedagogical cases, he has supervised 56 doctoral theses. His most recent Research focuses on the superposition of communication media (« Millefeuille » Theory), information overload, and the impact of Business Schools.

Olivier Lavastre, Full Professor, Supply Chain Management and Industrial Management 
After completion of his PhD at the University of Montpellier 1, Olivier Lavastre was Associate Professor at IAE Grenoble before joining IAE Lyon. He teaches Supply Chain Management and Industrial Management. As a Researcher within the Strategy Research Group at the Magellan Research Center (IAE Lyon), his works focus on Managerial Innovation in Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM).

Didier Vinot, Full Professor, HRM & Health Management
Specialized in Human Resource Management, Strategic Management and Health Management, Didier Vinot has been Vice-President of the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3 in charge of Human Resources and Quality of Life since 2012. He is coordinator of the « Global Health » project for the Lyon St Etienne site in the framework of the PALSE Program (« Programme Avenir Lyon Saint Etienne ») and of the Idex « Individualized Health » project. His Research focuses on Health Institutions Management, the Development of Health Professions, Public Management, Change Management in the field of Health and Clinical Governance.

Ludivine Chalençon, Associate Professor, Finance
Ludivine Chalençon defended her doctoral thesis on « Localization Strategies and Value Creation of International Mergers- Acquisitions » under the supervision of Professors Alain Marion and Ulrike Mayrhofer at University Jean Moulin Lyon 3 in 2014. The Association of Mergers- Acquisitions Managers, bringing together most CAC 40 CEOs, rewarded her Ph.D. work in 2015 with a Thesis Award marking the celebration of the Association’s tenth anniversary. In the framework of her PhD, Ludivine held a PhD contract and later an ATER (Assistant Lecturer) contract and was in charge of Finance courses at the IAE Lyon. Her Research activities also led her to spend Research study periods abroad, in the United States (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) and in Canada (University of Quebec at Montreal - UQAM). 

Virginie Gallego, Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship and HRM
Virginie Gallego-Roquelaure’s works focus on HRM and territorial entrepreneurial dynamics. More particularly, her Research
deals with offshoring of SMEs and HRM in specific contexts (Very Small Firms, Innovating SMEs, Competitiveness Clusters). She published eight articles in classified journals as well as two books, one of which at Economica on offshoring and relocation issues for SMEs. She also participated in a Research program financed by the Fund for Innovation in Industry which aimed to identify the effects of innovation on HRM practices in SMEs. Lastly, she will coordinate, with three other Researchers, a special issue of International Management on territorial approaches of HRM and Entrepreneurship in 2016.

Emmanuel Estragnat, Adjunct Associate Professor, Information Systems Strategy
Emmanuel Estragnat has 15 years of experience in the field of Information Systems and Innovation. After an engineering degree from the Ecole Centrale of Lyon, he joined IBM in 2000 as a consultant in Strategy and Transformation, where he
provided consulting advice and led transformation projects around ERPs for 11 years, in sectors as diverse as banking/ insurance, industry and distribution. He joined the Volvo Group in 2011 and managed service projects portfolios, conducted internal restructuring, developed digital innovation projects, in particular around 3D printing, and designed business strategies. From 2000 to 2006, he carried out Research work on microelectronics. Lastly, he has been teaching the Information Systems Governance course in the framework of the MS²I since 2004.

Hani Houssami, Adjunct Associate Professor, HRM 
Hani Houssami has 30 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. He specialized in direct recruitment consulting in branches in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnology, as well as Organizational HR Consulting, … He is also a specialist in export consulting, support and advice to pharmaceutical companies which export to the Middle-East region and Africa.

Alain Pihen, Adjunct Associate Professor, Banking Management
After a degree in Law and a first job in the HR field, Alain Pihen joined the General Inspection and Internal Audit Department of a major bank and carried out numerous missions in France and abroad. Following this enriching experience, he joined the network of a mid-sized and large companies customer base with diverse sectorial issues (agri-business, industry, large retailers, …) He worked in different regions within various environments, teams of varied size in close relation to the whole banking business line. Since 1994, he has taught on a regular basis in Schools and Universities in the fields of Business Finance and International Banking Techniques.

Pierre-Yves Nury, Adjunct Associate ,Professor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Pierre-Yves is an entrepreneur (startuper, corporate, institutional) – one who is dedicated to innovation, who connects invention and market. He participated within and for industrial groups, public organizations and foundations as well as in the service of Research stakeholders in the creation of numerous offers and startups (Lyon City of Entrepreneurship, Water4Health, European Center for Nutrition and Health, Forcity, etc.) He also founded CMN Partners – a brand specialized in the economic development of territories. With a background in engineering and holding an MBA, Pierre- Yves recently defended a doctoral thesis in Management at University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, based on his experiences and Researches on innovation processes within complex ecosytems. He is now one of the co-founder and member of Yoobaky Ventures, entrepreneurs-investors collective which can lay claim to the development of offers and activities in the field of science in cooperation with public and private stakeholders.

Brice de Lavarène, Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Mathematics
Brice Chaix de Lavarène is Doctor and holds an Agrégation (Teaching certification) in Mathematics. He holds a degree from the School for Computer Science and Applied Mathematics in Grenoble. During his PhD, he developed color vision models with technological applications for digital cameras. He joins us after having taught in Secondary Schools as well as in the Grenoble Faculty of Economics.