2016: Start of the new academic year: nine new Faculty joined iaelyon

Evènement | October 13, 2016

In a process of continuous development iaelyon School of Management recruited at the beginning of the 2016 academic year nine new Faculty to strengthen the existing expertise and to bring new skills into the academic teams.

There are currently 150 academically highly-qualified permanent Faculty at iaelyon. Academic teams cover a wide range of expertise thereby answering the need for skill transfer in Education and Research.  Over 15% of the Professors and Adjunct Associate Professors come from the socio-economic world. Their recruitment is based on their expertise as practitioners in direct link with the courses they teach and projects they develop. Finally the multicultural skills and ability to teach in English of the iaelyon academic teams are strategic in the light of the current development of international partnerships and English-taught programs. Along with the 150 permanent Faculty, 80 international professors and over 400 practitioners teach each year.

iaelyon new permanent Faculty

Kiane GOUDARZI, Full Professor, Marketing
Kiane Goudarzi is specialized in services management. He holds a Ph.D. in Management (Aix Marseille University) on the socialization of customer in services for which he was granted two Ph.D. awards (AFM prize, Nvivo prize). He started his career at NEOMA Business School. He then joined the Aix en Provence IAE* in 2007 where he was Academic Director of the Master’s in Corporate Communication and Change Management for 8 years (Best Master’s Academic Director over the past 10 years according to the SMBG ranking, Best Master’s in Communication according to the same SMBG ranking). He was also involved in the EQUIS accreditations and managed the integration of the IAE AIX in the Financial Times ranking. He organizes the international Lalonde Conference on services since 2007. After passing the first aggregation examination in Management in 2015, he joined the Valenciennes IAE where he held the Chair in Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium-sized Companies. He joined iaelyon on September 1st, 2016. His Research, teaching and consulting activities, focus mainly on the management of customer experience, customer satisfaction, and on customer relationship management.  He collaborated with many public and private organizations: Conseil Général Loire Atlantique (Loire Antlantique Department Council), the city of Besançon, IKEA, Conforama, Casino Barrières, Ubisoft, SNCF… His Research  have been published in Recherches et Application Marketing, Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Journal of Service Management, International Review of Administrative Science, Revue Française de Gestion, Décisions Marketing et Politique et Management Public.

*University School of Management

Marc VALAX, Full Professor, Human Resources Management
The Research activities of Marc Valax fit into the International Management cross-disciplinary Research Team within the Human Resources Research Group of iaelyon Magellan Research Center. His Research is mainly longitudinal and qualitative and targeted at innovative small and medium companies and multinational companies (Mc Donald’s, Emirates, General Electric, Accor). As a Full Professor at iaelyon, he is the Academic Director of the General Management Program fully taught in English. He teaches Human Resources Management, International Human Resources Management and Training, in French and in English to Bachelor and Master’s students in pre-experience education as well as Master’s students in continuing education at iaelyon and within its offshore programs (Budapest, Casablanca, Abidjan, Guangzhou and Hanoi). Prior to his Ph.D. in Management, he was a recruitment officer for the Michael Page Group in London. This first employment enabled him to experience firsthand a demanding HR service provider position in an intercultural environment. The experience also helped him define his Research project on the structural logics of young executives work integration.

Noémie DOMINGUEZ, Associate Professor, International Management
Noémie Dominguez works as an Associate Professor in Management at iaelyon School of Management where she teaches International Management. She defended her thesis on “SMEs' internationalization and implementation of gateway strategies” in 2015 under the supervision of Ulrike MAYRHOFER and Catherine MERCIER-SUISSA. At the crossroad of management, entrepreneurship, and international economy, her work focuses on new internationalization strategies within small and medium-sized companies. She experienced several Research study periods abroad in Canada (Université du Québec à Montréal) and in the United States (Baruch College in New York) and participates on a regular basis in international conferences.

Aurélien PETIT, Associate Professor, Economics
Aurélien Petit is an Associate Professor in Economics at iaelyon-Université Jean Moulin. He works on corporate social responsibility and on socially responsible investment. His Research aims to contribute to the understanding of incentives (in particular financial ones) to help improve the social and environmental practices of companies. He has recently started working on crowdfunding with the aim to determine the conditions for success and the role of multiple contributors. He presents his Research activities on a regular basis during national and international conferences and seminars. He currently teaches in the first year of Bachelor’s (History of Economics) and in the second of Master’s (International Trade relations).

Renaud PETIT, Associate Professor, Management
Renaud Petit is an Associate Professor in Management at iaelyon- Université Jean Moulin, where he is the Academic Director for the second year of Master’s in Social Auditing, Societal Responsibility of Stakeholders and Sustainable Development. His teaching and Research fields are Human Resources Management, in particular the attractiveness and loyalty of companies and socio-economic management. His work within these fields have been published in articles in scientific journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.

Pascale LEVET, Adjunct Professor, Human Resources Management
Pascale Levet has built her professional experience at the crossroads of the academic world (Research and teaching) and the business world in survey, Research, and technical and scientific management positions all in close links with the strategic stakes of the organizations . As Head of the Lab’HO, study and Research economic interest group of the Adecco Group she first studied in further depth matters  relating to changes in employment and to intermediation in the job market (flexicurity, employability, outsourcing of social risks, youth, senior citizens, and discrimination). She then, as Technical and Scientific Director of the National Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions (ANACT), dedicated her work to the stakes of working conditions at a time when psychosocial risk factors related to the quality of life at work contribute to changes in the field, the roles of institutional actors and social partners, the intervention practices in companies. She currently works on a new project dedicated to medium-sized companies (Do tank, living lab of medium sized-companies) in a time of uncertainty and intense innovations triggered both by the limits of development models (social, ecological, economical) and by changes generated by the digital revolution.

Carène CHEVALIER, Assistant Professor, Business English
Carène Chevalier is the Academic Director for English teaching in the Bachelor in Management (Bachelor in Management and Humanities and Bachelor in Quantitative Techniques Management). She is also Incoming International Student Academic Advisor.

Christophe FLÉCHON, Assistant Professor
Interested in the evolution of the world and passionate about French language, Christophe Fléchon studied political science before teaching history, geography and literature in high school. After 15 years of various academic experiences in Higher Education, he has been hired by iaelyon. As an enthusiast for interdisciplinarity and conviviality, he is committed to promoting general culture and help students be better articulate.

Cécile ENAJEM, Adjunct Associate Professor