2018 AGRH congress : the programme of the 29th edition organized at iaelyon

Evènement | October 29, 2018

The 29th AGRH (francophone association for Human Resources Management) congress taking place in Lyon will be dealing with “local experiments, contextualisation of solutions: to bring Human Resources Management into line with the transformation of organizations”. Check out the full programme. The congress is organized in partnership with iaelyon School of Management and Talentsoft.

AGRH congrès 2018
> The program of the 2018 AGRH Cong
> The detailed call for communications

A new action system appears to be necessary in every field linked with Human Resources Management. This action system favours local experiments that are close to business reality. As a human working community, it enhances the contextual quality of implemented solutions.   

Social, economic and environmental tensions going through our societies’ development patterns call for new management answers.

They produce and proceed from intensive innovations and also from a multi-reconfiguration period, potentially destabilising for society. 

In order to fuel the debate, the 29th AGRH congress invites us to shed light on the following issues:

  • What truly innovative HRM practices can be enhanced in organisations?  
  • What is innovative about those practices? 
  • Which disruptive innovations can be analysed?
  • What about “outside the walls” HRM and territory networks?
  • As a result of the digital revolution, transhumanism, robots and artificial intelligence, the future of employment and work triggers very radical to quantitative and qualitative forecast. So what would Human Resources Planning (HRP) look like? 
  • What new action systems (actors, processes, and targets) can HR functions experiment to once again bring a positive contribution to global company performance?
  • Permanent connection, constant requests, dispersion… the list of the burdens triggered by the digital revolution is long. However, this does not keep HRM from carrying on with tool and process digitalisation in order to impulse new regulation and participation uses. What company (good) practices can be analysed so as to clear these issues?
  • Social negotiation is known for having to approach local situations, as closely as possible to the activity and to the work collectives. What experiences show a real potential for innovation and transferability? 
  • There is a necessity to distance ourselves from fatality and find new markers for a world that will be, if not better, at least more bearable.  How do we link performance appreciation periods to longer new learning processes periods or to global organisations transformation periods?

> Official website for the 29th AGRH congress in Lyon : www.agrh2018.fr 

Steering committees:

Scientific Committee chairmanship:

Aline Scouarnec, Marc Bonnet, Charles Henri Besseyre des Horts, Jacques Igalens, Florence Noguéra.

Organising Committee coordination:  Pascale Levet, Jérôme Rive and Marc Valax with the support of the HR Group of iaelyon Magellan Research Center and iaelyon Communication department.