2018 Eduniversal Ranking: 32 iaelyon Master’s degree and MBA in the best Master’s ranking

Evènement | March 19, 2018

32 iaelyon Master’s and MBA were selected in the 2018 Eduniversal ranking of best Master’s, released on March 17th 2018. Five masters entered the annual ranking and 11 Master’s are in progress and 8 remain stable.

Classement Master 2018


M.Sc. Sales and Commercial Management
3rd category Sales and trade negotiation

M.Sc. Change and Consulting Management
4th category Strategic management of organizations

M.Sc. Marketing and Sales, B to C
4th category Distribution management

M.Sc.  Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Technologies Management
5th category Management of pharmaceutical and health companies

M.Sc. Integrated Certification and Global Performance
5th category Quality, security, environment

M.Sc. Organizations Diagnostic and Auditing
5th category External auditing

M.Sc. Accountancy, Controlling and Auditing
> Chartered Accounting

M.Sc. Wealth Management
> Wealth Management

M.Sc. Corporate Account Manager in Banking 
> Banking - finance

M.Sc. Management Control 
> Internal auditing and management control

M.Sc. Financial Engineering and Transaction
> Financial engineering and corporate finance

M.Sc. Marketing and Sales, BtoB
> Sales and trade negotiation

(NEW) M.Sc. in Strategic and operational Marketing
> Marketing

(NEW) M.Sc. in Services Marketing and Customer experience 
> Marketing

M.Sc. Entrepreneurship and Development of New Companies
> Entrepreneurship

M.Sc. Purchasing Management
> Purchasing

M.Sc. Industrial and Logistical Management

M.Sc. Manager in Quality, Security and Environment
> Quality, security, environment

M.A Management and Business Administration, General Management
> Strategic management of organizations

M.Sc. Human Resources Management
> Human Resources Management

International MBA
Executive MBA Part-Time

M.Sc. Foreign Trade
> International Trade

(NEW) M.Sc. European Affairs Manager
> International Trade

M.Sc. General Management Program
> International Management

(NEW) M.Sc. in International Activities Management
> International Management

(NEW) M.Sc.in International Business Realities
International Management

M.Sc. Management and Information Systems Strategy
> Information systems management

M.Sc. Advanced Information Systems
> Information systems management

M.Sc. Change Management in Territories, Healthcare and Medico-Social Facilities and Networks
> Healthcare facilities management

M. Sc. Public Management and Change Management
> Public management

M.Sc. Social Auditing, Social Responsibility of Stakeholders, Ethics and Sustainable Development
> CSR/Social and solidarity economy

M.Sc. Management and Communication
> Communication