5 iaelyon books were awarded by the FNEGE (French Foundation for Management Education) in 2017.

Evènement | April 20, 2017

The Award Jury for Management Books published in 2016 (Certification 2017) met on March 7th. Upon the 88 published books, 43 of them were awarded, five of those co-written or directed by William Sabadie, Olivier Lavastre, Caroline Hussler and Michel Kalika, Full professors at iaelyon.

The ceremony for the Best Books in Management Award and Thesis in Management Prize will take place on April 20th at the Paris CESE (The Economic, Social and Environmental Council). A ceremony sponsored by Pierre-André de CHALENDAR, President and CEO of the Saint Gobain Group.

The five awarded books:

Category “Non collective Research publication”

“Relational marketing: making satisfaction, loyalty and complaint guarantees profitable”, Daniel RAY and William SABADIE, Editions DUNOD. How to define a clear customer strategy that fits the specific situation of the company? How to motivate teams around the customer strategy? What tools should be implemented to measure and improve the return on investment of the guarantees? How to link theories and practices? The book enables us to identify the key success factors of a profitable relationship marketing.   

William Sabadie is a Full Professor of marketing at iaelyon - University Jean Moulin. He is the head of the Marketing group at iaelyon Magellan Research Center. He is also the scientific head of the Lyon 3 Cooperation Research Chair.

Category “Collective Research Publication”

“Great authors in logistics and supply chain management” directed by Olivier LAVASTRE, Valentina CARBONE and, Blandine AGERON, Edition ems. The book presents the authors who made a difference in logistics and supply chain management. Built around 26 chapters (written by 54 contributors), it aims at accompanying readers in their quest for knowledge and their path to understand the structuring elements at the heart of the theoretical reflections and empirical works in the field.

Olivier LAVASTRE is a Full Professor in Management at iaelyon.

Les grands auteurs en management de l'innovation et de la créativité “Great authors in innovation and creativity management” directed by Thierry BURGER-HELMCHEN, Caroline HUSSLER and Patrick COHENDET, Editions EMS.  Whether they are multinational or small or medium-sized, high-tech or family, in the industry or in the services sector, in an era of hyper-competition and globalization, every company is asking itself the same question: how to innovate better, faster, with less money? Composed of 31 chapters, the book deals with the great authors in innovation management, their theories, their guidelines and their concrete commitments to answer the need for innovation of companies and our modern societies. 

Caroline HUSSLER is a Full Professor in Management at iaelyon

Category “Textbook”

“Strategic Management” (10th edition), Jean Pierre HELFER, Michel KALIKA and Jacques ORSONI, Editions VUIBERT. The clear and pedagogical book has established itself as a reference by seducing more than 45 000 readers since its first edition. The book analyses the strategies and their deployment under the light of the most recent changes. Illustrated by numerous examples each chapter specifies the fundamental problematics as well as the key competencies and offers small cases.

“Information systems and management” (7th edition), Robert REIX, Bernard FALLERY, Michel KALIKA and Frantz ROWE, Editions VUIBERT. The reference book offers a full analysis of the information systems and allows to answer the main issues linked to the use of information technologies.  At the time of the cloud, computing, the booming of social networks, the development of online commerce and mobile apps, the 7th edition falls within a strong managerial perspective.

Michel Kalika is a Full Professor in strategy and information systems at iaelyon.

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