60th anniversary of the IAE France Network* : iaelyon will host the 2017 IAE France Agora

Evènement | June 14, 2017

The event organized in partnership with Aunege aims at bringing together the IAE France community, its researchers, its staff and its management teams around the theme: “Digital and Management : which digital innovations for teaching, Research and operational teams ?”

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The launch of the Agora is part of a set of events organized to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the IAE France Network. This Agora is a new fresh boost, new dynamics in the cross-IAEs actions aiming at bringing together and enriching the academic, teaching and administrative skills of the University School of Management in order to innovate, renew practices in respond to the deep changes in Management in higher education, while relying on the great ability of cooperation of the IAE France community.

Organized this year around the theme: “Digital and Management: which digital innovations for teaching, research and operational teams?” All aware, all involved and all actors: for three days, participants will exchange on the digital, its impacts and its integration within the diversity of trades and activities of the IAEs.

*Network of French University Schools of Management



iaelyon School of Management
Université Jean Moulin
Manufacture des Tabacs
6 rue du Professeur Rollet, Lyon 8e
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