8th international Research seminar within the International Week 2017

Evènement | January 4, 2017
From 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Seminars bringing together Visiting Professors participating in the iaelyon International Week, iaelyon Faculty and Ph.D. students around three cross-themes “Complexity, Innovation, Networks”; “ Management and Societal Responsibility of Organizations”, “International Management”.

During the 8th Research seminar organized by the Magellan Research Center, Visiting Professors participating in the 2017 iaelyon International Week will give a presentation.

The seminar aims at enhancing exchanges and collaborations between Visiting Professors, Faculty and Ph.D. students at iaelyon. The seminar brings together more than 50 participants.


Session 1: “Complexity, Innovation, Networks”

Room 102
Chair: Jean-Fabrice LEBRATY
  • Alan CABELLY, Portland State University (United States): “Improving Interactions between Members of Different Generations in the Workplace”
  • Ali ELQUAMMAH, HEM Business School (Morocco): “Innovation in Higher Education”
  • Maria Elisa FARIAS, Universidad Diego Portales (Chile): “Role of innovation in the Chilean economy”
  • Terrill FRANTZ, Peking HSBC Business School (China): “Blockmaps : A Visualization Tool for Social Network Data”
  • Alfredo Ricardo VARELA, UNAM - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Mexico): “Artificial intelligence, humanity challenge”
  • Nicolas ORTIZ ESAINE, ESAN (Peru): “Consumer tribes: auto-consumer segmentation”
  • Arkadiusz  KOWALSKI, Warsaw School of Economics (Poland): “Territorial pattern of ICT sector development in Poland”

Session 2: “International Management”

Chair: Ulrike MAYRHOFER
  • Raul Guillermo AMIGO, Universidad de San Andres, Buenos Aires (Argentina): “How to create a Multidimensional Experiential Framework” 
  • Keith COOK, Edge Hill University (United Kingdom): “A comparative study of the adaptation required by international students in an international learning environment”
  • Isis Olimpia GUTIÉRREZ-MARTÍNEZ, Universidad de las Américas Puebla (Mexico): “High Performance Work Practices in IberoAmerica”
  • Joel HIETANEN and Jacob OSTBERG, Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University (Sweden): “The Style of the ’Invective’ – Fatalistic Tendencies of Expressionism in Late Capitalism”
  • Chia-Chi SUN,  Tamkang University (Taiwan): “A conceptual framework for R&D strategic alliance assessment for biotechnology industry”
  • Alfredo VALENTINO, Luiss Business School, Università Guido Carli, Rome (Italy): “Do institutional pressures affect Divisional/Regional HQs relocation? An empirical study on isomorphic, coercive and normative effects”

Session 3: “Management and Societal Responsibility of Organizations”

Room 104
Chair: Denis TRAVAILLE
  • Caroline COULOMBE, UQAM - Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada): The Reflexive Practitioner in Project Management : training and working
  • Bozena FRACZEK, University of Economics in Katowice (Poland): “Financial education under CSR and financial inclusion”
  • Edmundo R. LIZARZABURU, Universidad ESAN (Peru): “Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Reputation in the financial sector of developing countries”
  • Canan MADRAN, Dokuz Eylül University (Turkey): “Motivating sustainable consumption from community-based social marketing perspective: an experimental case in higher education”
  • Charbel SALLOUM, USEK School of Business (Lebanon): “Democracy across Gender Diversity and Ethnicity of Middle Eastern SME’s: How Does Performance Differ?”
  • Eddy SOUFFRANT, UNC Charlotte (United States): “Why Business Ethics ?: Developing a Culture for Ethical leadership”

> Contact : Ulrike MAYRHOFER,  iaelyon Magellan Research Center - ulrike.mayrhofer@univ-lyon3.fr


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