Christian Varinard, new dean iaelyon School of Management

Evènement | September 1, 2018

Christian Varinard was elected with absolute majority (19 votes in favour, 6 against and 2 abstentions) by the iaelyon Board on June 18 2018, which gathered for an extraordinary session. Mr Varinard has succeeded Jérôme Rive as Dean of iaelyon on September 1st.

Christian Varinard, Directeur Général iaelyon School of Management
Christian Varinard is an Associate professor in IT systems and has been Director of Education as well as member of the iaelyon board for over 10 years.

Mr Varinard holds an iaelyon degree and has been involved in the iaelyon university school of management’s development for a great number of years. He intends to make it an increasingly renowned and internationally oriented faculty, focusing on innovation, thus making it a key player in management research and teaching within the future University of Lyon.

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About iaelyon

iaelyon School of Management – Jean Moulin University is one of the first French university poles specialised in management research and teaching. It hosts 7.700 students in pre-experienced education, field-based education and continuing education. iaelyon also promotes a management open to the worlds and proud of its humanistic dimensions. 

Founded in 1956, iaelyon is a member of the IAE FRANCE national network, which is the first French network in management research and teaching. iaelyon School of Management is an internal school of Jean Moulin University. The size of its student and academic communities makes it the largest IAE in France. It is also one of the most professionalised and internationalised.