Commercial Innovation: all salespeople in organizations

Evènement | October 12, 2016

Organized by ISEOR Research Center in partnership with iaelyon School of Management - Université Jean Moulin. The purpose is to redefine the scope and the role of the sales and commercial forces of an organization.


In a world evolving to meet new entrepreneurship challenges as well as a strong competition, implementing and sharing new work methods seem convenient.  The sales force takes a prominent place in the general functioning of the organization. It is inseparable from its marketing and strategic policy in order to achieve the objectives of clients and users’ service delivery. All too often, organizations separate “the sales department” from other departments. Their internal relations are insufficient, which weakens the cohesion, cooperation, performance and strategy of the company or non-profit organization.

In the meantime, the world of business and organization changes and develops new ideas to overcome the crisis and increased competition. New cooperation reflexes, more responsible and more involved, need to be organized, internally, which leads to developing new activities, new products and new customer or user segments.  Commercial innovation: all salespeople in the organizations, which ISEOR has been developing for several decades, consider the sales force like a motor that is shared and carried by all members of the organization: executives, managers, and employees. It is also what we can refer to as socially responsible capitalism, whose embryo at the heart of the company is the socio-economic approach to management (SEAM).

An innovative training program saw the light of day at ISEOR in 2012 “Selling in the turbulent environment”, which enables the improvement of commercial effectiveness and efficiency to support strategic decisions, in a global context that has become more and more complex.

This is to establish a different way of working together to develop the commercial activity within the organizations, in the service of customers and users. Thus, the communication department develops more productive projects and business performance, as well as more responsible employees helping the deployment of a sales force expanded to the entire company or organization. This topic will be associated with many testimonials of executives, managers and employees of SMEs, large companies or public service organizations, community organizations and family businesses, national and international.

We will precisely see the innovation in methods, processes, and approaches implemented by companies and organizations by way of their extended sales force. Through 1,854 pilot actions in companies and organizations, ISEOR was able to analyze and evaluate the strategic impacts of a better commercial involvement in the service of the economic and social environment.

Cooperation and interaction between departments
Difficulties in management methods
Impacts of the crisis on good commercial practices
In the Small and Medium-Sized Companies
In the public service sector or the private one
Strategy of the community system
Within family businesses
Impacts of the inter-generational dynamics
Employability of youth and management
Social and societal objectives
Human Resource Policies
Corporate Social Responsibility
Impacts of standards  

Leaders, managers, from different sectors consultants, experts are expected to discuss cooperation models and processes to improve the dynamics and the efficiency of the sales function.  

Manpower (Belgium), Brioche Pasquier (France), Qualias-Espace Santé (Belgium), Frutas Finas Sánchez (Mexico), Neuvistac (France), John Conbere (USA), Hôpitaux CST (Lebanon), Université du Mexique (Mexico), ELCOM (France), Technord (Belgium), DEUZZI (France), iaelyon (France), FNEGE (France), Université de Málaga (Spain), Université de Minneapolis (USA), Actalians (France), Archibulle Architecte (France), Borini Développement (France), Orgalys (France), Cetaf (France), Clinique la Lignière (Switzerland), Vinay Matériel (France), Fondation Aigues Vertes (Switzerland), Nutrisens (France), Ninkasi (France), SLB Medical (France), Arisan Costumier (France), SWCS (France), Soly Import (France), Bafilco (France)...  

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