First visit at the United Nations and World Trade Organization for the M.Sc. International Business Realities students

Evènement | December 4, 2017

On November 14th, 23 students of the second year of the Master’s in International Business Realities (IBR) took part in a study trip in Geneva organized with the support of Intergros. This first edition aimed at deepening the students’ theoretical knowledge through a practical approach, and making them aware of matters that the United Nations and World Trade Organization deal with as well as enabling them to measure their impact on the world of international affairs.

Silvia DIDIER, Academic Director of the program underlines: “International organizations are potential recruiters for our students, it is thus important for them to understand how they work”.

As an illustration of the " International trade relations" (Aurélien Petit, iaelyon) the visit of the World Trade Organization allows students to concretely apprehend the missions of the international organization.

Joanne, an IBR student who herself has been working for an NGO affiliated to UNESCO thinks that the study trip was a “very nice opportunity to get familiar with international intergovernmental organizations that have a huge influence in global relations.”

This visit along with the one conducted at the United Nations also puts into practice another course of the Master’s: "Management in non-profit organizations" (Isabelle Barnett, Interpol).

Bob, another IBR student who took part in the visit explains, “From a non-profit point of view, it was quite interesting to see how an institution founded and funded by its own members has to handle different procedures.”

Rebecca, a Brazilian student also further explains, “The visit made me realize that nowadays, organizations are as structured as companies, so everything I learned during the program can be applied to the non-profit world and can help optimize methods and processes.”

The visits were a real added value to the Master’s content and allowed students to gather and learn in a different context than the one of the University. A very positive experience to be renewed next year.