“How to successfully complete your DBA?”, by Michel KALIKA, iaelyon

Evènement | September 19, 2017

This book entitled How to successfully complete your DBA? (Doctorate in Business Administration) aims to answer the questions of managers who wish to gain perspective, defend and publish a thesis grounded in their managerial experience and create knowledge.

What is a DBA? What are the differences between a DBA and a PhD? How to prepare a DBA in three years? Should you choose a face-to-face or distance learning DBA? How to choose your thesis supervisor? How to start your DBA? What methodology (ies) to choose for your DBA? What plan to adopt for the DBA thesis? And finally: How to enhance your DBA?

The author provides clear and pragmatic answers to all these questions on the basis of his experience in managing DBA programs and he takes the reader through a three steps plan:.

1. Choosing a DBA
2. Choosing a thesis theme
3. Managing your DBA

Editions EMS, coll. Business Science Institute, 104 p., october 2017

About the author

Michel Kalika is a full Professor at iaelyon School of Management- University Jean Moulin, the President of the Business Science Institute and co-director at the EFMD (The Management Development Network) - FNEGE (French Foundation for Management Education) of the Business School Impact System. After developing MBA Programs in different countries, he created the first Executive Doctorate in Business Administration of a French University and then the Executive DBA of the Business Science Institute  to answer the needs of international managers willing to think outside the box, value their professional experience and produce an academic work to create managerial knowledge. He is the author or co-author of more than 25 books (among which the most reedited French book of strategic Management) and several articles and study cases.