iaelyon is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the partnership with the University of North Carolina Charlotte.

Evènement | January 12, 2018

On January 10th the closing luncheon of the first session of international seminars organized within the framework of 2018 iaelyon International Week was the opportunity to celebrate a partnership that began in 1988 and that was developed through student and faculty mobility and joint Research projects.

University of North Carolina Charlotte
Three professors of the University of North Carolina Charlotte honored us with their presence as Visiting Professors in the framework of iaelyon International Week: Dr Richard BUTTIMER, Senior Associate Dean Belk College of Business ; Prof. Dolly KING, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs and Dr Christina SANCHEZ Associate Director Office of International Programs.

Their presence was the opportunity to celebrate together this long standing partnership.

Close ties developed over the years

In 1988 a Lyon delegation went to the USA and met with several internationally recognized institutions. Amongst them, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
What soon came to be known as one of the first international exchange programs was developed then and there when former Chancellor E.K. FRETWELL Junior and Pierre VIALLE, then President of the University Jean Moulin signed an official partnership between both Universities.

What originally started out as a modest exchange program gradually developed into a full-range partnership with strong student exchanges both at the undergraduate and graduate level, with  over 120 students benefiting from an international mobility opportunity in total, and also academic mobility, and many Research collaborations.

iaelyon is proud to celebrate this 30th anniversary. We would like to warmly thank our partner and we are looking forward for many future collaborations.

About the University of North Carolina Charlotte

The University of North Carolina Charlotte is a public Research University. Located in North Carolina, UNCC is the largest institution in the Charlotte region with around 30 000 students. UNCC is AACSB accredited and recognized worldwide. 
Belk College of Business - UNC Charlotte

Partenariat iaelyon - UNC-C - Célébration 30 ans