In the age of networks, iaelyon School of Management is part of the European Network of Business School (ENBS)

Evènement | December 15, 2016

The ENBS network (European Network of Business Schools, a consortium of 12 European institutions) of which iaelyon is a member met on December 2nd in Bamberg for its annual general assembly.

The representatives of member institutions gathered to discuss ongoing projects and initiate actions to come.  Eight out of the twelve members institutions of the ENBS were represented : Monica Gimenez Baldazo, Universidad de Alcala ; Carmen Garcia Miranda, Universidad de Granada ; Matthias Muck (Academic Vice President), and Tobias Kaufmann, Otto-Friedrich-Universität ; Ivan Dula, Universität Stuttgart ; Audrey Esteves (Treasurer) and Lisa Fiacre (Secretary), Groupe ESC Clermont ; Aurore Portet and Sophie CAUCHY, iaelyon School of Management ; Federico Franceschini,  Universita degli Studi di Pavia ; Per Servais and Yulia Tinyakova, University of Southern Denmark.

During the meeting, Sophie CAUCHY, English Lecturer at iaelyon was appointed Executive Director, thus succeeding to Aurore PORTET.

Four iaelyon students were granted the ENBS certificate

An official ceremony in the prestigious building of the University Otto Friedrich then took place to deliver ENBS certificates, a certificate of excellence rewarding the work of the best students in the framework of exchanges between partner institutions. Four iaelyon students were granted the certificate: Aris CHKHERDEMIAN, Ludovic DESCROIS, Julie OUADOURI and Astrid KERANGUEVEN who travelled all the way to to the University of Bamberg where she completed her third year of Bachelor.

The gala dinner was a good opportunity for these brilliant students coming from all over Europe to meet and exchange with faculty and staff from the international relations offices of member institutions. It also enabled students to reflect on their experience abroad and their paths.

The quality of exchanges show the will of the ENBS to enhance privileged and quality relationships between partner institutions. At the same time the network expresses its wish to integrate new members…

About the ENBS

The ENBS is a network of Higher Education Partner Institutions brought together to promote a genuine integration of Management Education at a European level. Twelve members are part of the network: Universidad de Alcala (Spain) Universidad de Granada (Spain), Universidad Loyola Andalucia (Spain), Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg (Germany), Universität Stuttgart (Germany), Groupe ESC Clermont (France), Brest Business School (France), iaelyon School of Management (France), Universita delgi Studi di Pavia (Italy), University of Southern Denmark (Denmark), Cracow University (Poland),and University of Vaasa (Finland).