International Conference and Doctoral Consortium ISEOR-AOM 2016 – Call for submissions

Evènement | June 9, 2016

Organized in partnership with the ISEOR Research Center (Magellan, IAE Lyon, University of Jean Moulin) The “Organization Development and Change” Division and the “Management Consulting” Division of the Academy of Management (USA).



Since 2006, international conferences and doctoral consortium of the ODC and MC divisions of the AOM have taken place every other year at ISEOR, University of Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and have been very successful, enabling an overall 730 presentations of OD and Change academics and doctoral students from 25 countries. Indeed, these events showed how value added is the development of relationships across the Atlantic to share knowledge and experience in the field of research on themes such as:
  • Comparing the Doctoral Curricula in the field of ODC and MC in the US and in Europe
  • Preparing a Ph.D. or a DBA when in active life
  • Research on change management theories and evaluation methods of performance
  • Bridging the gap between theory and practice: action-research, intervention-research, appreciative inquiry…

Format of the 2016 conference and doctoral consortium:

The consortium will consist of two kinds of presentations:
  • Papers, conferences and testimonies proposed by academics in the field of change management in different cultural settings.
  • Workshops, where doctoral students are invited to present their research project or their current research in order to debate and exchange and to get advise.

Two Best Paper Awards with be given in each language: one for academics and another a doctoral students (only if the paper is not co-authored by a doctor/academic). In addition, the most insightful papers in each language written by academics or doctoral students (only if co-authored with a doctor) can be submitted for publication to the Journal Recherches en Sciences de Gestion/ Management Sciences/ Ciencias de Gestión.


ISEOR Research Center, Magellan, iaelyon, University of Jean Moulin, is the pilot research center of the doctoral program in Socio-Economic Approach to Management of change and to organization development. Lyon, France is ideally located at the heart of Europe and is an academic powerhouse in the field of management. (see: The ISEOR research center has already organized several conferences with AOM (USA) : 2001 and 2014 (Management Consulting Division), 2004, 2007, 2011 and 2015 (Research Methods Division), (2005) Social Issues in Management Division), 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 (Organization Development and Change Division), 2009 (Social Issues in Management, Organization Development and Change, Research Methods Division, Organizations and the Natural Environment, Management Consulting and Practice Theme Committee).

Participation from the American side

At least 100 AOM members and/or other North American academics as well as Latin American academics, doctoral students and executive doctoral students are expected.

Participation expected from the European side

At least 100 European doctoral students will present their project, and 40 European directors of research and academics have expressed their intention to participate.

Submission deadlines

Send an abstract (4,500 characters maximum) before December 30th, 2015. Full papers (15 pages or 40,000 characters maximum including spaces) in English, Spanish or French are expected by January 31st, 2016.


MS word, Times New Roman 10 point font, single spaced. Margins: 0.90" left, 1.73" right, 0.98" top and 1.18" bottom. Indent 1st line of each paragraph. Orientation of sheets: portrait and pages facing one another for all the document. Paper format: B5: 7.16" breadth x10.12"height. Headline 0" and bottom 0.79" Sub-headings should be bold, on a separate line, left-justified, and all caps.

Title page for all submissions should appear as follows: on a separate page from the body of the paper: TITLE of paper, TYPE: Doctoral student, Executive doctoral student, academic, CONTACT PERSON: Choose 1 person to be the contact person, LIST of authors' names, in desired sequence. CONTACT INFORMATION for each author, including the following: Name, Organization or University affiliation, Occupation / Job for each author, Address, Phone, Fax, e-mail.

The paper should include a ten-line abstract and 5 keywords at the beginning of the document.

Participation fees

  • Doctoral students: € 120, which includes registration, proceedings
  • Academics and practitioners: € 360, which includes registration, proceedings, lunches and gala dinner.

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