International Conference “Integrity, Governance and Responsible Sponsorship” in partnership with iaelyon.

Evènement | May 19, 2017

From May 17th to May 19th, Lyon will be the “Global capital of sport integrity”. iaelyon School of Management, University Jean Moulin will host the event on May 19th on the Manufacture des Tabacs Campus.

Organized by the International Sports Anti-Corruption Federation (FIACS) in partnership with iaelyon School of Management - University Jean Moulin and the International Organization of French-speaking sociologists (AISLF) the International Conference in Lyon will provide a platform for discussions and exchanges between stakeholders and in particular, between public authorities and the Sports movement as main actors of protection and preservation of integrity in sport, and include the contribution of experts to nurture the debate with lessons learnt from good practices at regional, national and international level.

In addition to the above, law enforcement bodies and institutions, customs services, researchers and NGOs involved in the fight against corruption and money laundering will be participating.  

The outcomes of the Lyon International Conference and its recommendations will contribute to reflections that will be communicated to the UN, UNESCO and all international sporting bodies.

Following the conference, recommendations will be issued on the following themes:
  • Corruption in sports governance
  • Manipulation of sports competitions (« match-fixing »)
  • Sports financial regulation: transparency of sponsoring and investment security
  • Legal protection of whistleblowers in sports

The issues on the agenda reflect the importance of stakes and challenges raised by the spectacular development of sports at national and international level and the extremely significant role that sportsmen and women, NGOs, public services and sports federations may play at all levels..

During the event, the Media Oscars “World Integrity” will be handed to French and international media to reward their commitment in fighting any kind of corruption and unethical practices within sports worldwide.

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