International Management by Hanane BEDDI and Sophie NIVOIX

Evènement | February 8, 2017

“Management International” is a practical publication co-written by Hanane BEDDI, Associate Professor at iaelyon and co-director of the Master’s in International Management, and Sophie Nivoix, Associate Professor Certified to Supervise Research at the University of Poitiers.

The synthetic publication which explains the definitions and main concepts in International Management is designed for:
  • University and School of Management students (Bachelors, Masters, specialized Masters)
  • Professionals in executive education
  • Professionals interested in the international development of their organization

Supported by many concrete and contemporary examples, the work provides a constructive, academic and detailed analytical approach. Designed in a managerial perspective, it offers a thematic division allowing to answer three main questions:

Part 1: Why go international?
The reader will be able to analyze the international environment, understand the terms of the international development of companies, and elaborate an internationalization strategy.

Part 2: What tools to go international?
The answer relates to the key functions of a company which goes international: the funding mechanisms that can be activated, the organizational means of international companies, the logistics tools implemented to complete its activity.

Part 3: Which specificities for the company going international?
The most important specificities are related to four fields: marketing, innovation, human resources management, intercultural management. 

Editions Vuibert, 1st Edition, January 2017.

About the authors

Hanane Beddi is an Associate Professor in Management at iaelyon, and a member of the International Management Team at iaelyon Magellan Research Center. She is co-director of the Master’s in International Management. 

Sophie Nivoix is an Associate Professor Certified to supervise Research at the University of Poitiers, at the Law and Social Sciences Faculty.