International Workshop CPSS 2018 on Software Engineering for Cyber-Physical-Social Systems

Evènement | August 30, 2018

The international workshop CPSS 2018 is organized by The Open University – LERO (Ireland), the National Institute of Informatics (Japan), Khalifa University (UAE) and Claude Bernard University University - Lyon 1 in partnership with iaelyon School of Management - University Jean Moulin.

International Workshop CPSS 2018
As the Internet of Things becomes part of our every day lives, forming a complex system that spans across digital, physical and social boundaries, there are significant challenges to engineering the software that forms the core of these cyber-physical-social systems. These include:
  • Dynamic composition and evolution of systems of systems
  • Ensuring security, privacy and trust
  • Enabling M2M, M2P and P2P collaboration (M=machine; P=person)
  • Knowledge representation and reasoning techniques 
  • Human factors relating to the design, construction and use of CPSSs
  • Transparency engineering for CPSSs 
  • Adaptive systems
  • Analytical methods for design and construction of CPSSs 

The workshop brings together a community of software engineers whose work relates to the above challenges, with the aim of exploring potential research directions and collaborations.
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Local organization of the comitee:

  • Chirine Ghedira, iaelyon School of Management, France
  • Dr. Mahmoud Barhamgi, Claude Bernard University, France


iaelyon School of Management
Université Jean Moulin
Manufacture des Tabacs
Salles 102-103 (Accueil Salon des Symboles Nord)
6 rue du Professeur Rollet - 69008 LYON
(Subway Sans Souci - Tramway T4 Manufacture des Tabacs)
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