Is leading an art? 10th Conference of the cycle «Philosophy and Management »

Evènement | October 20, 2017

Dialogue between a philosopher and a manager. With Fabrice Romano, founder and president CEO of Keranova, founder of EyeTechCares and Thémélis Diamantis, University of Lausanne, Institute of Psychology, Faculty of political and Social Sciences.

Often qualified as “science” or “technique”, a good management however mainly lies on the personal sensibility of the manager. His/Her capacity to perceive the expectations of each collaborator and the relations which bound them is crucial, so is his/her ability to adapt the organization according to needs that are sometimes multiple and contradictory. He/She has to create harmony and simplicity where there is none.
Isn’t “Create Harmony” the definition of art? We refer to the art of war; so should we not be talking about the art of management? Which comparison could be made between these notions? Are managers artists? In fine, is the management a gift?

To answer these questions, Acteurs de l’économie-La tribune organizes in partnership with iaelyon the 10th Conference of the “Philosophy and Management” cycle on Friday October 20th, 2017 at 12.15pm.

 A debate is organized between: 

  • Thémélis Diamantis, B.A. in Philosophy, Doctor in psychology and psychoanalyst, Privat-Docent at the University of Lausanne, Institute of Psychology, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. 
  • Dr. Fabrice Romano, founder and president CEO of Keranova, founder of EyeTechCares and author of one novel

The debate will be moderated by Bernard Jacquand.

The cycle of dialogues “Philosophy and Management”

The cycle of dialogues “Philosophy and Management” Responsibility, innovation, ethics, prospective, work… can philosophy shed light on current managerial questions? So far philosophers and managers did not talk to each other very much. Nowadays, it seems interesting to allow them to meet and cross their points of view on what might become a challenge in the future: combining philosophy and competitiveness, humanism and effectiveness? Growth and wisdom…

What bridges can be found between the principles of philosophy and managerial methods? What solutions can be implemented to ensure that the act of “managing” linked to different complex human questions is performed in the light of the multiple principles of philosophy?

  Helping philosophers confront their concepts with the practical experience of managers; helping managers be aware of some prejudices that condition their actions; this is the goal of the cycle of dialogues which confronts the speech of management and the speech of philosophy, and brings managers and philosophers to the same level. 

This cycle falls within the socially sensitive and responsible Management carried out by iaelyon .


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