«Jeunes Ambassadeurs» Program: 11 iaelyon students join the 2017 edition.

Evènement | December 5, 2016

Amongst the 21 University Jean Moulin students who were admitted to the “Jeunes Ambassadeurs” Program which counts 81 participants in total for the 2017 edition, 11 students are from iaelyon.

JA Jeune Ambassadeur Rhône-Alpes

The “Jeunes Ambassadeurs” Program created in 1999 at the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry now aims at contributing to the international outreach of the Auvergne Rhône-Alps region through the mentoring of a foreign student by a business leader.

Today the organization has four offices and one new location: Lyon (1999), St-Etienne (2003), Grenoble (2011), Chambéry (2015) and Clermont-Ferrand (2016).

The “Jeunes Ambassadeurs” organization coordinates and develops the program in partnership with more than twenty Higher Education institutions and Universities and over a hundred of the most internationalized companies. More than 1, 900 ambassadors coming from 90 countries around the world constitute the ja4ever Network.

The concept of the program is unique. The Lyon office enables international students towards the end of their University studies to discover the city of Lyon and its region by being mentored by CEOs and local stakeholders.

Coaches have to support students in their life within the city during the 6 months of the program by having them to discover their organization, professional environment and network but also by helping them build a project linking their home city or region and Lyon. Students have the opportunity to introduce their projects in the framework of the “Jeunes Ambassadeurs Trophies contest”.

81 students in total have been selected for the new edition and “Young ambassador/ business leader” teams were formed on October 25th. For the new edition, 21 international students enrolled at University Jean Moulin will join the program.

The strong representation of iaelyon students must be underlined since 11 students from our School will join the program. We wish all our future jeunes ambassadeurs the best of luck!