Marie-Christine Chalus- Sauvannet was appointed President of the SEPL (Society of Political Economy in Lyon)

Evènement | January 9, 2017

Marie-Christine Chalus-Sauvannet, Associate Professor at iaelyon, University Jean Moulin was unanimously appointed President of the “Société d’Economie Politique de Lyon” (Society of Political Economy in Lyon) on December 19th, during the annual general assembly which took place at the “CCI Lyon Métropole” (Lyon Metropolis Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

Created in 1866, and surrounded from the very beginning by its historical partners, the Chamber of Commerce in Lyon and the LCL (a French banking and insurance company), the Society of Political Economy in Lyon has also developed strong links with iaelyon School of Management and “Lyon, Place Financière”(Lyon Financial Center). The SEPL has a strong and long lasting tradition of integration within the city, a strong vocation for Research and analysis of the surrounding socio-economic world, a tradition of openness and dialogue that enables it to address topical subjects with respect of individual ideas and convictions.

The SEPL aspires to be a learned society whose works contribute to bring an objective and field-based perspective to the political decision-makers and economic stakeholders of the Lyon metropolitan area. The society offers Lyon decision makers a space for exchange and prospective…

Every year, the SEPL organizes conferences, think tanks and a grand dinner leading to publications. Among the latest guests of honors of the grand dinner, the following may be noted: Gérard COLLOMB (2010), Luc FERRY (2011), Bernard BIGOT (2012), Alain MERIEUX (2013), Jean BURELLE (2014), Jean-Claude TRICHET (2015) and René RICOL (2016).

2017: focus on the digital transition 

2017 will be placed under the theme stakes in digital transition discussed in particular during the following events:
  • Cyber power/ cyber defense - Conference, February 2017
  • Transgenerational dialogue on digital - Think Tank, March 2017
  • Territorial development and digital competences - Conference, April 2017  
  • Dinner : June 2017

Every year, iaelyon students take an active part in the different events.

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