Master’s in International Business Realities: on a study trip to Prague

Evènement | March 15, 2018

From March 5th to March 9th 2018, 29 students from the first year of Master’s in International Business Realities, supervised by Noémie Dominguez (Academic Director), Nabila GASMI and Véronique VAUTRIN-VILLOND (Program Officers) went to Prague in order to discover Czech Republic, meet with institutional and economic actors and understand the specificities and richness of Central European countries. The trip was organized with the financial support of Intergros, an Authorised Joint Collection Bodies of wholesale and international trade.

Master IBR, voyage d'étude en République Tchèque

Besides its cultural interest, the trip seals a several month long academic project. In the framework of a seminar on project management students had the opportunity to organize the trip from the search of contact to the organization of cultural visits and fundraising to finance the trip (they sold mulled wine at the Festival of Lights, wrapped presents for Christmas…)

Master IBR, Voyage d'études Prague

The group arrived to the Prague airport midday and had the pleasant surprise to be welcomed by Jiri David and David Kunc, two former students who went back to Czech Republic after having spent a semester in Lyon as exchange students. First emotional moment of the trip!
They then discovered the charms of the historical city of Prague by visiting the Staromĕtská Mostecká Vĕž (The Old Town Bridge Tower), the Charles’ Bridge, the John Lennon Wall and the Old Town square, guided by Jiri and David. They were able to taste some local culinary specialties as Goulash, the Trdlo and also the Pilsner Beer which is the pride of the country.

Conference at the Franco-Czech Chamber of Commerce

On Tuesday morning under the snow, the day began with a first conference organized at the Franco-Czech Chamber of Commerce. For almost two hours, Martin Dytrych, senior consultant at the CCFT-CFOK presented the strategic sectors of the country, enabling students to get familiar with the specificities of the Czech market. 
With an annual growth rate of 5% and an economy that deeply invests on innovation, the Czech Republic is amongst the main drivers in Central Europe. The country attracts a growing number of foreign investors thanks to its policy of territorial attractiveness and has a hard time meeting the demand because of the current lack of workforce.

Chambre de Commerce Franco-Tchèque

Visit of xPORT, the University incubator of VSE Prague

The trip continued with the visit of xPORT, the University Incubator of VSE Prague (partner University of iaelyon). Welcomed by Lenka Petroskova, Partner and Event Manager, students visited the incubator to understand the operations and stakes but also to talk to entrepreneurs from different horizons and at different stages of progress.

The afternoon was marked by the sharing of experience and ended with a meeting with Elodie Duplessis and Roxane Simonde, two former students of the first year of Master’s in International Business Realities, currently on exchange at VSE Prague.

xPORT, VSE Prague

Start-UpYard, a growth accelerator

On Wednesday morning, the group was welcomed by Cédric Maloux, a French serial entrepreneur, French Foreign Trade Advisor, and member of the board of the Start-UpYard accelerator. Founded in 2011, Start-upYard aims at helping innovative start-ups in the field of technology to accelerate their growth by putting them in contact with mentors, potential partners and investors. The exchanges during the meeting enabled students to have a complementary perspective regarding the existing support structures for entrepreneurs. The meeting also allowed students to have a more global vision of the environment of start-ups which are now at the cutting edge of new technologies.

Meeting with Pascal Magnon, Director of BiboVino Praha

The day ended with the visit of BiboVino, a French leader company in the distribution of prestigious wine in Bag-In-Box (BIB). Welcomed by Pascal Magnon, Director of BiboVino Praha and a manager with an international profile, students were able to discover the history and development strategy of the company along with the specificities of wine trade abroad.
Getting the Czech people accustomed to the consumption of French wines, changing the image of the wine in BIB, convincing the French prestigious stores to change their marketing strategies, adapting to local habits… students were able to exchange and get the feedback of Pascal Magnon before ending the visit with a wine tasting very much appreciated by all…

BiboVino Praha

Business France Prague and Franco-Czech economic relations

Thursday: last day before heading back to France… On Thursday morning, the group headed to the French Embassy to meet Claire Camdessus, Director of Business France Prague in charge of promoting Franco-Czech economic relations. After introducing the country key figures and different means offered by the institution to support French companies in their process of exploration of/development on the Czech market, Claire Camdessus shared her different professional experiences with the students: a Q&A session that aroused vocations amongst students.

Czech Invest: the keys to attract foreign investors

attract foreign investors in the country. Jan Hromádko (Analyst) and Libuše Hartmanová (Senior Manager) introduced the main economic partners of the country, the strategic business fields but also the different measures implemented by the government to attract innovative industrial and high tech companies. Students had the opportunity to have a 360 degree view of existing mechanisms that support international development.
The day of discoveries went on with a visit of the Prague Castle surroundings and a walk around the picturesque streets of the Old Town. During the visit, the group was able to catch a glimpse of many European representatives, as it happened to be the inauguration day of the new President of Czech Republic! The day ended with a very animated gala dinner highlighted with challenges of all kinds. 

The whole group would like to thank the managers they met (Martin Dytrych, Lenka Petroskova, Cédric Maloux, Pascal Magnon, Claire Camdessus, Jan Hromádko and Libuše Hartmanová) for welcoming them, and sharing their experiences, and Jiri David, David Kunc, Elodie Duplessis and Roxane Simondet for their warm welcome. The video of the study trip (made by Léo Quirici, student in the Master’s in International Business Realities)

> The video of the study trip (made by Léo Quirici, a student in IBR) :