Publication: “Location Strategies and Value Creation of International Mergers and Acquisitions”, by Ludivine Chalençon

Evènement | April 4, 2017

This title enriches two areas of research, finance and international management, to analyze the choice of location and value creation in international mergers and acquisitions conducted by large French groups.

A focus is realized on the specificities of deals with firms from mature and emerging countries. Our research answers the following question: What are the determinants of the location and value creation in mergers and acquisitions? 

This research is based on a doctoral thesis awarded by the French Association of Mergers and Acquisitions Managers (ARFA) in 2015, which brings together the heads of mergers and acquisitions of the CAC 40 (leading French listed companies).  The thesis of Ludivine Chalençon was supervised by Professors Alain Marion and Ulrike Mayrhofer, iaelyon Magellan Research Center - Jean Moulin University. 

  • Chapter 1. The characteristics and location of mergers and acquisitions
  • Chapter 2. Analysis of the performance of mergers and acquisitions
  • Chapter 3. Research Methodology
  • Chapter 4. The presentation of the empirical study
  • Chapter 5. The determinants of the location of mergers and acquisitions
  • Chapter 6. The determinants of value creation in mergers and acquisitions 

London, Wiley-ISTE, Avril 2017, 388 p.  (Book published in French: Stratégies de Localisation et Création de Valeur des Fusions-Acquisitions International, Paris, ISTE, 2017, 388 p.).

About the author

Ludivine Chalençon is an Associate Professor in Management at iaelyon, and a member of the Finance Team at iaelyon Magellan Research Center