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SASO 2012 - 6th IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems

Evènement | 10 septembre 2012

SASO 2012 is hosted by IAE Lyon - Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University.

SASO 2012

> More information: http://saso2012.univ-lyon1.fr

The aim of the SASO conference series is to provide a forum for the foundations of a principled approach to engineering systems, networks and services based on self-adaptation and self-organization.
To this end, the meeting aims to attract participants with different backgrounds, to foster cross-pollination between research fields, and to expose and discuss innovative theories, frameworks, methodologies, tools, and applications. The complexity of current and emerging computing systems has led the software engineering, distributed systems and management communities to look for inspiration in diverse fields (e.g., complex systems, control theory, artificial intelligence, sociology, and biology) to find new ways of designing and managing networks, systems and services. In this endeavor, self-organization and self-adaptation have emerged as two promising interrelated facets of a paradigm shift.

Contributions must present novel theoretical or experimental results, or practical approaches and experiences in building or deploying real-world systems, applications, tools, frameworks, etc. Contributions contrasting different approaches for engineering a given family of systems, or demonstrating the applicability of a certain approach for different systems are particularly encouraged.


  • Theories, frameworks and methods for self-* systems
  • Robustness and dependability of self-* systems
  • Control of emergent properties in self-* systems
  • Biologically, socially, and physically inspired self-* systems
  • Management and control of self-* systems
  • Design and engineering for self-* systems (self-organization, self-adaptation, selfmanagement, self-monitoring, self-tuning, self-repair, self-configuration, etc.)
  • Applications and experiences with self-* systems



IAE Lyon
Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
Manufacture des Tabacs
6 cours Albert Thomas
60008 LYON (M° Sans Souci)
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SASO 2012



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