SEB Lab: a passion for innovation

Evènement | January 30, 2017

Newly trained to Design Thinking through one of the international seminars organized during iaelyon International Week, students in their final year of Master’s in International Business Realities were lucky and privileged enough to discover the SEB Lab, the FabLab of the Group SEB.

The SEB Lab is a singular place both simple and functional where visitors are warmly welcomed by Jean-Louis Compeau and Cécile Trivéry, the two devoted demonstrators in charge of the SEB Lab. The Lab is a bubble at the heart of the gorgeous headquarter of the Group in which one feels right away that anything or almost anything is possible.

The Lab is open to any collaborator who wishes to explore new innovative projects. Jean- Louis Compeau explains: “It is hard to know what is really going on during the exploratory process. The SEB Lab is here to help and support teams at this exact stage of innovation. The attitude that we encourage and which is called “quick and dirty approach” aims at convincing that it is always more important to go ahead and try than to wait to have THE good idea, and beyond that to show that it is essential to share with other people.”

Thus, multi-expertise and multi-trade groups can be formed around projects in order to move from the stage of idea to the one of prototype and to confront it quickly to reality. “We give the cross-disciplinary teams a unity of place and time. The SEB Lab does not replace the Research and Development or the Marketing teams, but it is a support for their action. We act as an accelerator of the innovating project by triggering a positive emulation among collaborators of the group. We notice with satisfaction that this state of mind lingers on among them.” The SEB Lab is a great tool at the service of the cohesion and the cross-disciplinarity of teams and thus at the service of the performance of the Group SEB.

Students in their final year of Master’s in International Business Realities, their Academic Director Silvia Didier and the Corporate Relations team warmly thank Jean-Louis Compeau and Cécile Trivéry for sharing and transmitting their passion for innovation.