The 2017 University Schools of Management French Cup (Coupe de France des IAE 2017): all the results!

Evènement | March 6, 2017

The 10th edition of the University Schools of Management French Cup was hosted for the first time in Lyon from March 3rd to March 5th. For three days, 1003 participants from 28 University Schools of Management have taken part in competitions and festivities in the City of Lights.

This event organized by the student organization That’s IAE Lyon proves once again the ability of the IAE France network to carry out actions at a national level.

Students gathered around 4 sports: football, handball, basketball and volleyball, team sports representative of managerial values.


The results of the 2017 University Schools of Management French Cup



Congratulations to the IAE d’Aix who won the game at the last minute against Nantes in a breathtaking final. Suspense remained right to the end.
  • 1st : IAE d’Aix
  • 2nd : IAE de Nantes 
  • 3rd : Grenoble IAE  


Congratulations to the IAE d’Orléans, who reaches the top of the podium
  • 1st: IAE d’Orléans
  • 2nd: IAE de Metz
  • 3rd : IAE de Nice  


IAE d’Aix distinguishes itself once more
  • 1st : IAE d’Aix
  • 2nd : IAE d’Amiens
  • 3rd : iaelyon 


Congratulations to the IAE de Poitiers
  • 1st : IAE de Poitiers
  • 2nd : iaelyon
  • 3rd : IAE Gustave Eiffel 

In the overall ranking, the delegation from IAE d’Aix won the 2017 University Schools of Management French Cup.

  • 1st : IAE d'Aix
  • 2nd : iaelyon
  • 3rd ex-aequo : IAE d’Orléans and IAE de Poitiers   


Atmosphere: Congratulations to the IAE de Metz who won the atmosphere cup for the 4th year in a row.

The Mascot Prize was awarded to the IAE de Perpignan.

For the “Cheerleader Girls (&Boys)” challenge the teams from IAE Dijon, IAE Gustave Eiffel, IAE de la Rochelle and iaelyon met for the final at the Astroballe ASVEL for beautiful and challenging choreographies. The trophy went to IAE de la Rochelle.

iaelyon represented on the 4 tournaments.  

Results meet expectations since iaelyon distinguished itself by winning the 3rd place of the Handball tournament and the 2nd place in the Volleyball and overall ranking. .