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The Cambridge Handbook of Stylistics

Evènement | 4 juin 2014

Parution de l'ouvrage "The Cambridge Handbook of Stylistics" avec la collaboration de Manuel Jobert, professeur de stylistique anglaise. Cet ouvrage est un des volumes de la collection "Cambridge Handbooks in Language and Linguistics"

"The Cambridge Handbook of Stylistics" est un des volumes de la collection "Cambridge Handbooks in Language and Linguistics".

Stylistics has become the most common name for a discipline which at various times has been termed 'literary linguistics', 'rhetoric', 'poetics', 'literary philology' and 'close textual reading'. This Handbook is the definitive account of the field, drawing on linguistics and related subject areas such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, educational pedagogy, computational methods, literary criticism and critical theory. Placing stylistics in its intellectual and international context, each chapter includes a detailed illustrative example and case study of stylistic practice, with arguments and methods open the examination, replication and constructive critical discussion. As an accessible guide to the theory and practice of stylistics, il will equip the reader with a clear understanding of the ethos and principles of the discipline, as well as with the capacity and confidence to engage in stylistic analysis.