The students of the Master’s in Foreign Trade on a trip to Turin

Evènement | February 14, 2018

Last January for three days 22 students in the second year of Master’s in Foreign Trade went to Turin to discover the city and most of all to meet with local companies and find out more about production techniques and management methods. Guided in the city by four Italian students on exchange at iaelyon they had the chance to live an immersive experience combining culture, gastronomy and business.

Coordinated by Marco Heimann, Academic Director of the second year of Master’s in Foreign Trade and by Stefano Valdemarin, the trip emphasizes the transalpine relations and the tight links with the University of Turin, a historical partner of iaelyon.

Ilsa, the Neapolitan coffee maker is … from Piedmont

Among the highlights of the trip was the meeting with the commercial team of the ILSA Company specialized in small manual and high-end kitchen equipment. The flagship product of the company? The original manual  aluminum Neapolitan coffee maker. The concept of the coffee maker was born in 1946 with its creator assessing that the aluminum is quite cheap and easily malleable. Its temperature rises quickly when heated thus allowing to make the water boil at record speed. Success was immediate and persists nowadays.

Guido Gobino, handcrafted chocolate factory

Students had the chance to fully immerse themselves in the factory that creates chocolates typical of Turin: the Guido Gobino workshop. They were able to see the production line among chocolate fountains and baking pans thus discovering the secrets of manufacture of Gobino Easter Eggs but also the process of turning cocoa beans into a creamy chocolate, the Gianduja being the most famous one. The tasting following the visit allowed students to learn about the secrets of the best chocolates and to discover that for each innovation nothing is left to chance.

Thanks to its inventions and combinations of flavors, the Guido Gobino workshop was awarded in 2018 “The World’s best praline” by the Academy of Chocolate of London for its Cremino made of salt and extra-virgin olive oil. The company also has honorific titles such as “Maesto del Gusto” that the company has been granted by the Academy of Chocolate since 2009.

Eataly, a network made in Piedmont

The love for food was prolonged during the afternoon with the visit of the huge store Eataly which puts the spotlight on products and producers of the region in a former alcohol manufacture.  The concept of the store in which you can taste the products you just bought seduced the students who did some shopping. Amongst the shelves of Piedmont delicatessen, a producer of Genepi kindly shared his experience and the secrets of manufacture of the alpine liquor.


 About the second year of Master’s in Foreign Trade

The second year of Master’s in Foreign Trade is one of the path of the EPAS accredited Master’s in International Management.  A reference program for careers in export, the Master’s allows students to acquire the necessary skills to elaborate and implement development plans for export in any kind of international companies.
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