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Towards Automated Information Factories, par Aris M. Ouksel

Evènement | 29 mars 2012
à 15 h (événement réservé aux enseignants chercheurs et doctorants de l'Université Lyon 3)

Conférence de Aris M. Ouksel, The University of Illinois at Chicago, dans le cadre du Groupe MODEME, recherche en systèmes d'information avancés (Centre de Recherche Magellan).

The University of Illinois at Chicago There has been a growing trend toward the automated generation of massive data at multiple distributed locations, leading to a future of computing that is data‐rich, heterogeneous, distributed, and rife with uncertainty. Examples include systems to monitor the physical world, such as wireless sensor networks, and systems to monitor complex infrastructures, such as distributed Internet monitors.

This trend will likely continue. Most information available today on the Internet is fabricated by human data entry. While such this type of information will continue to be produced, it will be only a small fraction of the volume of information generated by automated factories.

This trend raises a number of key questions:
  • How to fuse, process, reason with and analyze this tremendous amount of automated data streams?
  • How to integrate raw information with high‐level information available in traditional media and reason about uncertainty?
  • How to recognize emergent communities of users in this new scenario?
  • How to reason about security in an uncertain data environment?

Our talk will focus on information‐generating factories in networks of fixed and mobile heterogeneous smart sensing devices. Our goal in this area is to develop a unified model, which captures the characteristics of both the new information generating factories and the traditional information available in the cyberspace, including distribution, heterogeneity, self‐emergence, dynamic resource management, reaction to complex chains of events, continuous evolution, context‐awareness, and uncertainty.
Bio: Aris M. Ouksel is currently professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and director of the CISORS (Cooperative Information Systems and Organization Research and Services) Lab. He received his M.Sc. and the PhD degrees in computer science from Northwestern University in 1985.
After four years abroad, teaching and consulting in information technology and strategic planning and technology transfer, he joined the College of Business Administration at the University of Illinois at Chicago, as a professor of information systems and information economics, and was for several years the Director of the Management Information Systems PhD program and the Director and Founder of the Center for Management of Information Technology and Telecommunications in the same college.

Dr. Ouksel also holds also an appointment at the Computer Science department. His research areas of interest are in (i) information economics; (ii) organizational learning and performance; (iii) wireless sensor networks and data management; (iv) mobile ad‐hoc networks; (iv) semantic Web and Virtual inter‐organizational systems; (v) Design and Analysis of multidimensional P2P data structures and related algorithms; and (vi) Peer‐to‐Peer (P2P) data management. He holds US patents on sensor and mobile computing.
He was for several years an associate editor at the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Databases (1999‐2008) and the Knowledge Information Systems (2000‐2005). He has been associate editor of the Journal of E‐Business Research (IJEBR) (2004‐2010), and the International Journal of Internet Social Networks (IJISN) (2007 ‐…). Aris has been the recipient of numerous grants from federal, state, and local agencies.

Le Groupe de Recherche MODEME (Centre de Recherche Magellan de l'IAE Lyon).
> Contact : Danielle BOULANGER, Responsable du Groupe MODEME


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