Visiting Professor : Hana Machkova, VSE Prague

Evènement | September 26, 2019

Hana Machkova will be teaching in iaelyon programs on September 26,27 and 28, and on October 10 and 11 with a focus on "Management in Central and Eastern Europe countries" . She wil be teaching to students in their second year of Master's in International Trade, in their second year of International Activites, and in their second year of International Business Realities.

Hana Machkova
Hana Machova is the President of the University of Economics in Prague (VSE). She has been in charge of the Department of International Trade and taught International Trade at the Faculty of International Relations.  She has also been Vice-President in charge of International Relations for VSE.  She is particularly interested in Management in Europe and chaired the Franco-Czech Institute of Management. She also participated in PHARE programs as an expert.  She was bestowed the Knight’s title of the Order of the Academic Palms.  She is the author or co-author of 19 books and 8 University manuals and wrote over 90 articles in scientific journals.

> The resume of Hana MACHKOVA