Towards more socially responsible practices in accounting, auditing and control- 4e Congrès Transatlantique

Evènement | June 22, 2017

The 15th conference of the International Institute of Costs & the 4th transatlantic conference of accounting, auditing, financial control and cost control is organized by the American Accounting Association (AAA), the International Institute of Costs (IIC) and ISEOR, in partnership with iaelyon. With the participation of the “Association Francophone de Comptabilité” (French Organization of Accountancy), the Paris and Rhône-Alps CNAM (National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts) and “l’Académie Sciences Techniques Comptables et Financières” (Financial and Accounting Technical Sciences Academy).

Congrès transatlantique

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The 2008 crisis whose jolts are still disrupting the global economy, both in developed and emerging countries, along with the financial and ethical scandals that regularly make the headlines of the business press (“Panama Papers”, Petrobras, Lehman Brothers…), profoundly call into question the principles, methods and tools for accountancy, auditing, controlling, and costs control.

Broadly, stakeholders -shareholders, citizens, States, leaders, managers…- require today that this field of teaching, Research and management contribute more actively and visibly to the socio-economic and ethical prosperity of society which could be qualified as “citizenship”. On the one hand, shareholders and leaders in particular are eager to have always more methods for accounting, controlling, and costs control in order to measure and improve the efficiency of their organizations, but also to measure, and better manage their immaterial assets and their environmental performances, which is new. On the other hand, employees, citizens and States are expecting these methods to be a key input to improve public performances, to prevent more effectively the difficulties of businesses and dismissals, to detect frauds, briberies, and laundering earlier, but also to play a leading role in the creation of jobs and the well-being at work.

Citizens are demanding a real revolution of auditing, controlling and costs control in order to obviously, constantly measure and manage more efficiently economic and immaterial performances or organizations, but also to contribute more effectively to the social well-being.

To bring answers to this subject, the 15th Conference of the International Institute of Costs, along with the 4th transatlantic conference will gladly consider submissions dealing with the following themes:

  1. Audit, control and prevention of business difficulties: a forensic accounting 
  2. Cost control, accounting and the public sector 
  3. Strategic cost control and prosperity
  4. Green accounting and auditing 
  5. Is there such a thing as cooperative audit and cost control?
  6. New trends in accounting Research, teaching and education
  7. Accounting and control history


  • 31 January 2017: Notification of submission 
  • 31 March 2017: Submissions
  • 30 April 2017: Notification to authors 
  • 20 May 2017 : Final version

International Organizing Committee :
Henri Savall, Véronique Zardet, Marc Bonnet, Laurent Cappelletti, Murray Lindsay.

ISEOR - Tél : 33 (0)4 78 33 09 66 – Fax : 33 (0) 4 78 33 16 61
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>This conference will be held in three languages: French, English and Spanish.

ISEOR is one of the most active centers for Research and expertise in socioeconomic management intervening in companies and organizations in Europe regarding management of organizations and costs. The International Institute of Costs is a federation of academic organizations and Research networks in Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Cuba, Mexico, Paraguay, Portugal, Spain and Uruguay. The MAS (Management Accounting Section) is one of the most important section of the AAA (American Accounting Association) United States.

The 1st transatlantic conference of accounting, auditing, financial control and cost control and the 10th international conference of the IIC were organized in Lyon in June 2007. The 3rd transatlantic conference   (June 2013) analyzed to what extend accountancy, auditing, control and cost control can be active factors of performances for organizations dealing with the environment.



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